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A Subsidiary of Jurong Shengye Metal Pipes Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:

History: Sunnyland, the import/export subsidiary for Jurong Pipe Co., Ltd., has for the last 10 years diversified their core business from plumbing supply to manufacturer of metal specialties. These products are aimed at home improvement, patio/outdoor leisure, and camping and sports. Large customers in the U.S.A. include Lowes stores, Kmart-Sears, Target, Wal-Mart, The Home Depot, CTC, Academy, Cabella¡¯s, and TSA, among others. In Europe our customers include Focus, Wilkenson, Argos, Maxbahr, Kaufland, Hornbach, and more.

Research and Development: The Sunnyland R&D department employs more than 40 individuals dedicated to developing unique and improved products to match the requests of our customers. We have a laboratory whose focus includes fabric testing, metal physics and chemistry performance. Our CNC Center and computer-controlled machinery allow us to make customer samples quickly and accurately, and more importantly insure consistency throughout our production.

Quality Control Systems: At Sunnyland our first priority is to produce quality products. Sunnyland prides itself on controlling the manufacturing process from raw materials to finish product. This step-by-step control is strictly adhered to, thus insuring our customer¡¯s complete satisfaction.

Sales and Marketing: Sunnyland has a professional sales team dedicated to serving the retailer, distributor and importer. Our staff is fluent in the English language, which assures expediency in communication. Our marketing team works closely with R&D to design leading edge products that meet our customer¡¯s demands.

Factory Showroom: We are extremely proud of our new showroom, which is over 600,000 square feet. All of our product categories are shown there. These categories include, dining sets, patio furniture, instant canopies, carports and party tents, garden gazebos, and camping and sports furniture.

Factory Location and Capacity: Our factory address is:
Dujiashan, Huayang Town, Jurong City, Jiangsu Province, China. 212400.
The factory is outside of Nanjing, about 30 minutes from the airport by car. Our factory comprises over 2,400,000 square feet of land and manufacturing buildings. Our work force is currently at 1700 employees, with the capacity to produce over sixty, 40-foot containers per day.

Contact: Bill Weng, Owner and President
Sales office Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Telephone: 0755-2399-5398, 0511-5976-700
FAX: 0755-8293-3398

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